About us

Who are we?

Our team consists of great people who are puppy and dog owners. Every day we care about them and spend time with our little friends.

Our Aim

We try to provide a full information in our dog blog about traveling with puppies and dogs in order to make you feel comfortable while journey and your pets to stay healthy. We write about how to travel, what destinations to choose, special discounts and checklists to do.

Our Team

Brian Hover (affectionately called Broh) is our manager and marketer. Brian is responsible for Puppies Dogs well-being. So clever guy as you see. He has graduated the University of Chicago (Management Department). Brian Hover picture with puppySince then Brian has gained over 5 years experience beginning in the USA then traveling with his puppies to Canada, Australia and now New Zealand.  Brian’s favorite dog breeds are Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Daschund & Poodles.  He shares that he loves working with dogs because they never lie to you.  Dogs easily show their feelings and make him happy and smiley.  Our manager believes it was his destiny to open PuppiesDogs & he is lucky to be part of our small but reliable team, surrounded by special people & in such a beautiful place, with lovely readers & lovely dogs…  Awwwww!

Linda Brown with a dog

Linda Brown is a writer of our blog about breeds and travel. She writes all boring amazing articles here. Haha, I am kidding. Her favorite dog breeds are Pomeraniansans, Spoodles, and the Labradoodle mixes. When asked why she loves to work with dogs Linda replies “dogs make me happy!”  She says of working at PuppiesDogs, she enjoys it because every day is fun, working in a great team environment. Linda is keen to continue to develop and progress her skills.


Melody with a dog

Melody Bord is the market researcher. She investigates trends, popular products, discounts and what the hell is going on. When asked about her favorite dog breed Melody says… “I think… all!  I can’t choose…”  Watching Melody with dogs this love is very apparent.  She is usually found cuddling a dog or making us laugh.  Melody has a passion for dog health, care & well-being.

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