Bulldog Puppies

  • June 5, 2017
bulldog puppies

bulldog puppies

The Bulldog or some would call it the British Bulldog is a medium sized dog that came from the British isle and belongs to a big group of Bull Terrier dogs.  It is originally used to be a pit fighter but when the sport was banned in late 1800, aggression and ferocity were slowly taken away from the breed.  Nowadays, Bulldog puppies are popular pet and companion.

Characteristics of Bulldog Puppies

This typical breed has a short as well as a smooth coat and it comes in different colors. The males usually weigh around 50lbs-55lbs and the female weighs around 45ibs-50lbs. They are always cute and dog enthusiasts would always love to see the extra folds of skin on its face. The unique features of this dog make it stand among the other dogs.

This line of dogs needs to be more with their masters compared with other dog breeds. This makes it a good pet for kids and it would totally fit in a small apartment since it would always seem to be content just laying back in the corner of the house. When choosing a dog, we are usually advised to choose the leaders in the group. But, you don’t have to waste your time doing this whenever you are choosing to buy puppies. The Bulldog is not known to be watchdog or protection dogs so just choose the ones you are happy interacting with.

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A Bulldog is usually immovable and stubborn. Once you have Bulldog puppies in the house, you should be able to establish the rules and functions in the house so that it can start adapting in the earlier stage of its life. It can actually take two years for the Bulldog to become mature but unlike other dogs, this one becomes sluggish after its maturity.  It is active during its first two years but after that, it would tend to become lazy and can become a mess whenever it is hungry.

Bulldogs are cute and are always lovely, however, these kinds of breeds tend to be sickly and have a shorter lifespan compared to other canines. It has only a maximum of 8 years while other dogs can live up to 18 years. The Bulldog are very prone to skin infections, have breathing problems, it can be easily a victim of heat stroke and it always has poor eyesight.


Since the Bulldog is prone to sickness. They need to stop slouching so they would not gain fat.  Like humans, a bulldog can start getting all the health problems when it stops doing exercises. Give it some toys to keep it busy if you don’t have time to walk your dog. Make sure that your Bulldog is given proper nutrition during it growing years as well to increase its immune system.

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