Tired of the Suburban Lifestyle? Try Homesteading touched on this topic a little in a different off the grid article. Home-insteading, another way I use the term Homesteading. When I lived in a metropolitan suburb, it was affectionately called a “bedroom community” a term I didn’t know until I lived there. What it means is that the people who live there, use their suburban homes just to sleep in because their jobs, their commutes, and their activities keep them away more than they are “home.”


I now ask, why go into debt purchasing a suburban home if you are never there, never living in it, only out of it? The suburban home is design to be maintenance free, because no one is ever there to take care of it. You own a home but you are never there, its kind of oxymoronic. You hire landscape companies to mow your awn and trim your trees, the homes have vinyl siding and the rain keeps it clean. Developers take down all the indigenous trees and plant neat little rows of dwarf trees that hardly shed a leaf so you don’t have to rake. A waste management company handles the garbage, conveniently sorting the recyclables for you. If you live in a gated community, well, good for you. But these suburban homes and communities serve their purpose to that lifestyle.

A homestead on the other hand, takes lots of maintenance and you choose to stay home, instead of commuting and pursuing your recreations elsewhere. You choose to stay home and develop your property yourself, growing a garden, composting your waste, what you can’t compost you drive to the dump yourself, instead of paying for all the convenience contractors. You stay home, stocking up on resources and provisions for a year of living off the grid, instead of commuting to a job that pays you a wage that numerous taxes minimize before you pay your living expenses for things you take for granted and at the end of the month wonder where your income went. Homesteading, or rather Home-insteading is an alternative choice from the mainstream suburban lifestyle.

The contrasts to be considered would take more than the word limit allows for this article. I’ve lived both lifestyles, started off the grid homesteading at the age of 50. I’ll never go back to mainstream urban living. What does that tell you about the differences?

Sexual Indiscipline Lifestyle is an Abomination

Everything is permissible but not all ventures is profitable. Why then should any man go for an unprofitable venture, when profitability is the goal of life? Indiscriminate sexual practice is an unprofitable activity. It leads to short term satisfaction and long term guilt.


Marriage is not a cure for sexual immorality neither is womanizing a cure for covetousness. The only cure for sexual perversion is SELF CONTROL. A man and a woman ought to work hard at transferring the sexual energy into creative power that is capable of transferring life and making them a positive contributor to their generation. In order for your Sex life to be sweet and not leave a bitter taste in your mouth, you need to work as hard as work in your entrepreneurial activity to curtail this strong and powerful instinct called ‘sex’.

It is a fact that most successful and wealthy men have a high sex drive naturally; but you find out that any of them who fail to control or channel this energy properly ends up frustrated. They lose all they have worked for, find themselves in relationships that destroy all they have worked for and when they are supposed to reap the profit of their labor, they start another round of planting season.

The reason is found in the word of God. It is written that not a letter in the word of God shall go unfulfilled.

Money, power and woman move together. They are such good guests that we want them to be our friend but the desire for them must be properly managed. And of these special guests could send any of their host to an untimely grave, become trodden and generally destroys a glorious destiny.

God Says in all we do, we should do all to his glory. As a home entrepreneur and builder, our daily activities call for constant appraisal so that we do not derail from our calling, and make the Angel assigned to us be angry.