Chow Chow Puppies

  • July 6, 2017
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chow chow puppy on the ground


Chow Chows puppies are medium sized with a heavy bone and well-developed muscles. Their strength allows them to be used for many activities in the past. Their present-day function is that of a companion. However, their working origin should be kept in mind to maintain the type.

This breed comes in two varieties:

  • smooth coated;
  • rough coated.

Both have a double coat that sheds heavily on shedding seasons. The dog has a ruff behind the head that makes it look like a lion. One of the most distinguished features of the breed is its hind legs. They are straight and the angulation is almost invisible. When walking, the Chow Chow will move in a bit of a stilted manner.

Though the canine has a heavy bone and broad skull, it should appear elegant. It is very important for a dog to have good proportion and substance. As for size, the Chow Chow is usually 18-22 inches. It weighs 45 to 70 pounds.

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Living Conditions


The hound needs much grooming. The breed has a dense coat that sheds seasonally. Excessive shedding can be managed by the means of regular brushing. It is also recommended to apply dry shampoo.


The Chow Chow puppy can appear reserved with its owners. The breed is very independent and tends to dominate other pets and owners who cannot handle the dog properly. It is recommended to obedience train them from an early age.

Chow Chows can live in an apartment if properly exercised. They tend to be lazy and is not always willing to be involved in vigorous activities. However, exercise is necessary for a Chow Chow to keep fit.

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