Best Dog Books of 2017

  • November 29, 2017
dog books

Every person dreamt about dog or puppy in his/her life. But which one is for you? Aggressive or Lazy? Funny or Calm? Everything depends on your and dog’s temperaments. That’s why we recommend all dog owners to choose and read following dog Books.

Books about Choosing a Dog

Name Author Summary
Choosing A Dog, Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Breed Baer & Duno This book is traditionally by dog groups and focuses mainly on the behavior of breeds as opposed to the appearance of breeds. As experienced dog owner and reader of many dog books, this book revealed often undiscussed the behavior problems associated with the limited genetic diversity of dog breeds. The book tended to focus more on the negative characteristics of a breed. Overall the book is an informative and interesting read for those interested in purchasing a purebred or those interested in the genetic consequences of highly selective breeding.

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The Puppy Report: a guide to finding a sound, safe dog Larry Shook This book has an eye-opening and sometimes horrifying look at what is happening in the world of pure-bred dogs today.Using his first purchase of a pure-bred as a tragic example, the author begins a search to find what went wrong and finds that we are killing our dogs with kindness.

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The Right Dog For You: Choosing a breed that matches your personality & lifestyle. Daniel Tortora This book helps bring up questions about your personality, your lifestyle, temperament and then talks about how different dogs may or may not fit into that picture. This is an advanced book for trying to find the right dog for you and your life. Great format, unusual breeds, and full characteristics is all about this book.

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