Papillon Puppies

  • July 25, 2017
Papillon Puppy on the ground

Papillon Puppy on the ground

The Papillon puppies originate from France, where the name means a butterfly.  It is sometimes called the butterfly or the squirrel dog, due because of its tail carriage. It is also referred to as Continental Toy Spaniel.

The breed is one of the Spaniel types of dogs, and its name is derived its long and much-fringed ears feature, just like a butterfly. Of the toy Spaniels, it is considered among the oldest. If you love dogs, you will certainly find the Papillon puppies attractive, as it exhibits some very intelligent characteristics and is one of the easiest to teach new tricks. They grow up very easily catching the tricks and the words used to suggest them.

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The hounds are very good with kids and like strangers very fast. If you leave it alone with the other pets that you have, you can be sure that it will behave well and play with them too. If you have little kids, you should try and be careful, as the dogs are very fragile, and if treated badly by the kids, as they always do, they might break some bones.

The pooch shows a lot of affection to their owners, and are very playful. They are the kind of dogs you are more likely to see in movies sleeping in the arms of their owners. These puppies have a lot of energy to engage and interact well with active families especially those with growing children.

Unlike many other breeds, they only have one fur coat, thus do not cope very well with cold temperatures, it is therefore recommended that the owner should not leave them to play outside alone, especially when the weather condition turns chilly. Doing that could come with serious effects to the canine, and it could even die.

The Papillons, however, cope very well in areas that have high temperatures, as they are able to withstand the heat. They grow up to about twelve to fifteen years old, but some can go up to sixteen years of age. The papillon displays happy and friendly temperaments, and are a very adventurous type of dog.

A papillon should by no means be aggressive towards its owners or strangers, or shy, as this would take away some of its most beneficial features to man as a happy pet. If you do not want your pooch to develop some weird character, then you have to make sure that it takes daily walks, preferably in the evening when you are from work. This works well with them as it is a primary dog instinct to take walks around.

The canines make great pets that anyone would like to own. If treated well, the Papillon can be very good companions and friends.

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