Portuguese Water Puppies

  • July 2, 2017
puppy on the field

puppy on the field

Portuguese water puppy is a rare breed of dog which once lived on the coast of Portugal.  It is called Cão dÁgua in Portugal, which means Dog of Water.  It is trained to retrieve and fix broken nets as well as herd fishes to go to fisherman’s nets.

Characteristics of Portuguese Puppies

Actually, it is great to be with them.  Like most high breed dogs, it is intelligent, obedient and loving.  It is unlike other pooches which are very hostile to strangers.  The canine can be very friendly at your first meeting as long as you have been introduced. And like most strangers, it would be very easy to fall in love with this canine because of its fluffy and soft furs. Its features are very similar to Shiba Inu characteristics.

They can easily follow complex instructions because they have been trained to work with their masters.  They are very comfortable staying at their owner’s side waiting to be given orders. It enjoys the working and the training process so you will not have any problem with this breed.

The Portuguese water pooch is always a good companion for the blind and deaf but because of its small size some dog owners would prefer other breeds.  Whatever it lacks in its size it makes up for its intelligence, it actually has a long memory and can easily understand orders the first time you gave it.

Although it may seem that it would always want to be outside and active because of its unreserved nature, the PWD acts differently.  It is always comfortable to be on the premises awaiting orders.  Most hounds, like the herding dogs or hunting dogs, would escape from your house if it feels that it didn’t use its energy for the day.

But the Portuguese hound is just the opposite, it is comfortable as long as you give it some attention and as long as it receives orders so it can do something.

It has a very good retrieval instincts and obviously a very good swimmer, it simply the nature of the water dog.  It can be very obedient and it would prefer to be with its master most of the time but do not confuse it as being a lazy pooch.  In case you haven’t given a task to this specific dog, it will look for other things to do like destroying some plants or messing up the garbage.


These puppies are intelligent and obedient.  Those two are its biggest asset.  It can also be your best companion since it would never leave you and always ready to follow one’s complex orders.  It may be a bit smaller but its intelligence will always make up for its size.  Just don’t forget to always give your orders to Portuguese water dog since it can go destructive when it’s boring.

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