Rottweiler Puppies

  • June 4, 2017
rottweiler puppies

rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppies originated in a certain German town that is known as Rottweil, hence the name Rottweiler. They are domestic dogs that were initially used to herd cattle and other livestock or even pull carts that were usually laden with beef or some other kind of butchered meat to the market. It is said that Rottweiler puppies were also used to hunt, but that character is not applied much nowadays.

Where do people use Rottweiler dogs?

This breed of dogs is very common nowadays and is used by:

  1. Police dogs and other agencies for search and rescue, which is not a field that they were used for back in Rottweiler. This is because they have this great ability to be able to grasp commands after a few months of training. There is not a police agency that does not possess at least one of these dogs these days.
  2. Some agencies have also tried to use them as sniffer dogs, using them to sniff out illegal drugs and such stuff from cargos or containers and places like airports.
  3. The other thing that the dogs are used for is as guide dogs for the blind. If you look around carefully, you will find out the dogs the visually challenged people use almost look the same. This is because it is usually the same breed. They can be trusted to lead and guide, having this amazing talent that is optimized through good and consistent training.
  4. Since they are so easy to train compared to the other types of domestic dogs, the Rottweilers are also used as police dogs or as guard dogs. They can be very threatening if they want to or feel like being so, which is a feature that the police and other security agencies use to their advantage.

Rottweiler likes a good owner

This breed of dogs can, however, be very dangerous if placed in the wrong hands, as they are trained to follow instructions from only their handlers and no other person. Rottweiler puppies must, however, be trained with care, as being too easy on them can make them have wayward behavior, and being too hard on them will also not be very suitable as they may not respond well to instructions, or they may become dangerous to the handler himself. There are those middlemen who go to Rottweiler to get the best breeds there and sell to other people, making the puppies a little bit more expensive than other dogs.

There are those middlemen who get the best breeds there and sell to other people, making the puppies a little bit more expensive than other dogs.


If you want to get a dog for your farm or to guard your house, then get some Rottweiler puppies and start training them early, and you will have the best security in just a few weeks.

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